Alexa Rank Checker Tool

In website terms, traffic is the number of visitors that drop in to the website. The visit may or may not be followed by some action. As long as the visitor opens a page, it is counted among the traffic a website receives. A website is a virtual place. There are no bells and buzzers to let us know how many visitors drop in to the site every day. By monitoring traffic, it is possible to know the number and the type of visitors (in some cases) who visit the web pages. Having good amount of traffic does not guarantee sales or recognition of the product featured in the website. But it is a rough estimate of how many people are made aware of the featured product. If the quality of the content in the landing page is bad, traffic in millions will not help to turn the sales around. Traffic rank is a measure of how a website compares with other websites in terms of attracting visitors.

How Rank Checker Tools Work

There are various tools available on the internet which calculates the traffic rank of many pages. Alexa Rank checker tool is an immensely popular tool which is widely used and marketed by SEOs. Hitwise is another tool which is expected to provide information on traffic ranks and more without webmaster bias. These tools each have their own sample base. The surfing patterns of these people who form the sample base are monitored and the data recorded. Traffic Rank is calculated by the number of visitors each site has had in a certain amount of time between three months and six months. A site may get varied ranks even when the traffic to the site is constant. This is because, ranks are relative. When there is a change in traffic flow to other sites, it affects the overall ranking scale. As long as the total websites included in the check are large and the sample customer base is spread across, the rankings will stay true. The rankings will be helpful to a webmaster to monitor his/her own websites. Also, it gives an idea on where to place advertisements to get higher traffic and visibility.

Information On Alexa Rank Checker Tool

Alexa Traffic Ranks are taken as a rough example of how the website ranks amidst competition. The tool tracks the browsing patterns of the users of its toolbar. Alexa is supposed to have a huge sample base of 10,000,000. This tool keeps track of the numbers of visits each website in its comparing bracket gets from the sample base. The numbers are totaled up over a period of time and the rankings are given out. The tool is very simple to use and a boon for webmasters and SEOs. The traffic rank checker also gives a variety of information on the visitor demographics in addition to the overall rank. It is possible that the results are skewed sometimes as the sampling is done only from Alexa Toolbar users.