Domain Authority Checker


Recently I read an article about domain authority, so I checked the domain authority of my site www.googletheplanet.com but I was surprised to check the domain authority. Because of my low domain authority, i had to find out the concept of seoMoz rule that how to increase domain authority, I will describe about this a little bit later, first of all I would like to explain the motive behind this tool. Earlier I used to check domain authority of my 1000 sites but there was no any place where I could check my 1000 sites at a time, So I thought of creating this tool where we can check unlimited domain authority at a time, Guys the future has begun.

What is Domain Authority?

The concept of domain authority is developed by seoMoz. Basically domain authority is an intimation of seoMoz that how your website will perform in search engine rankings. If you want to compare your website with others, you can check domain authority and you can find which website is better. To the prediction of domain authority seoMoz applied an algorithm against Google's algorithm that how Google search engine generated his result. To calculate this metric, SEOmoz combined all of our other link metric like linking root domain, total number of back link, mozRank, mozTrust and gave us value into a one single score. This score is ranging from 0 to 100 points, if you want to achieve 50 to 60 point you need to work hard on your site.

Tips to Increase Domain Authority

The major factor to increase your domain authority is strong back link. We can say that more quality back link is equal to more domain authority. Domain age, Alexa rank, good content is also the least part of good domain authority.

How To Use this tool?

Please enter maximum 100 URL at a time in given text area and clicks submit form to get results. You can run and check domain authority for lots of sites and also save the result in any format.