Google PageRank Checker Tool

You can instantly and easily check web ranks, are you wondering how? Sure, you must have heard about the page rank checker tool. What is the use of these page rank checker tool? The biggest benefit is that these page rank checker tool can enable you to get the page rank of all the web site pages right immediately. The page rank checker tool of Google is the trademark of Google Inc. you can get more information about it so that you can understand the algorithm in a better way for yourself. Further it is also essential to check the Online and Instant PR check tool which provides you with the flexibility to instantly check the value of the web pages.

So if you want to install this page rank checker what would you do? You can install it in your site by just adding a small HTML code to the web page of which you want to check the page rank. It is as simple as this. This would enable you to check the page rank of the website that you want to check. So be careful that you do not modify the code under any circumstances or else it would not be able to ascertain the correct value of the page rank. Thus to proceed with the checking process you have to submit the web site URL. There would be a form in which you need to select the web page of which you want to know the PR status and click on the ok button. Once you do this the results would be provided. Therefore you can learn the current PR of the web page.

There is free There are free Page Rank checking tool which would help you to get the PR instantly anytime. But it is very difficult to visit the website offering the pagerank checking tool to check the pagerank. For this reason the small piece of HTML code could be added to your site. This could simplify your work and you can check your google page rank easily thereafter. Therefore it is ideal to make use of the advantages that are available to a person these days.

If you want to find out the Page Rank of a website, then it is just not the home page but it is the URL of several other pages that you have to consider to get the PR for all the pages. For example, choose a website and check on how many different pages are there in the website.

  1. http://www.abc.com/
  2. http://www. abc.com/support.htm
  3. http://www. abc.com/about.htm
  4. http://www. abc.com/product/
  5. http://www. abc.com/product/support.htm
  6. http://www. abc.com/product/perfume/
  7. http://www. abc.com/product/perfume/women/
  8. http://www. abc.com/product/ perfume/men/
  9. http://www. abc.com/product/ perfume/women/page1.htm
  10. http://www. abc.com/product/ perfume/men/page2.htm

Here there are examples of few pages that are found in the website.

There are different PR values for each link that you choose from the sample.

The Page Rank Checker tools that are available these days offer advanced insight. You can also determine if the PR is true or fake. Therefore make a right choice of the PR tool.