Google PageRank Prediction


Determining quality of a site and its pagerank on the basis of a number of factors is most important. At googletheplanet.com, number of tools is available to check on worth of a site. Google PageRank Prediction is one of the noteworthy tools from our site where it is probable to find out future of a particular site with regard to Google pagerank. If you like to check out possibility of your site you can readily enter URL of the site and predict your websites future in terms of quantity and quality of backlinks present in the site. Since these results are provided approximately it does not assure on exact results. With the use of this tool you can predict actual page rank of your website. In some cases real pagerank may be higher or lower than it is displayed on the pagerank tool bar.

This may be due to number of reasons such as age of the site, owing to links present in the site or many others. In certain cases you may have violated certain rules of Google unknowingly which results in higher or lower value of pagerank other than actual PR. These factors necessitates use of tools like Google page rank prediction to know exact page rank. Using this tool is very simple where only URL of website for which page rank is to be predicted is entered. After submitting you can get page rank value which is given according to some calculations. After calculation the value is round up to a solid number and results are displayed. As we have clearly noted these results are given as approximate, we do not recommend considering it as accurate results. We have estimated this tool to help you in knowing an exact value of your website but not to assure it as the original page rank.